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Expert warns US over China flashing military capabilities: ‘Ready’ for war

By Kristen AltusFOXBusiness

Gatestone Institute senior fellow Gordon Chang argued China is making "fast" preparations for war while the Biden administration waits for diplomatic "communication," on "Mornings with Maria" Monday, July 24, 2023. (Getty Images)

"I don't think that they'll go to war in the next several months, but the point is that you could have an accident with so many planes in the air, and with so many Chinese vessels circulating around Taiwan that you could have a conflict well before that presidential election," Chang explained.

China and the U.S. will face their next tension test next month, as Taiwanese Vice President William Lai will attempt to travel through America on his way to Paraguay.

"China is doing everything possible to prevent that visit, and we will see a lot about what the Biden administration's posture towards Taiwan will be: whether they allow that visit or not, and how much activity Lai will be permitted in the U.S. If they do allow the visit," the policy expert pointed out.

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During a White House briefing on Friday, President Biden appeared to shuffle away and refused to answer a reporter's question about China relations.

Chang argued that Biden's actions prove the president wants to maintain open communication and diplomatic relations with the communist country.

"China will talk to us when they want to talk to us. They won't talk to us when they don't want to talk. We should not be intimidated by what we think they might do," Chang noted. "We've got to protect our critical infrastructure, whether we're talking about emails or whether we're talking about our grid. The Biden administration's not protecting that."

"The point is these guys in Beijing are ready to go to war – and we're not." - Gordon Chang

With China’s economy in a "disastrous" state, according to Chang, its' leader is committed to finding a way to get out on top.

"Xi Jinping's form of diplomacy these days is to intimidate everybody else into submission. And I think that he's doing that because he realizes how many problems he has at home," the expert said.


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