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Tensions in School Boards Meetings Re-ignite Across America (VIDEO)

Concerned Parents of Leander ISD

Since the onset of the plandemic, parents have become acutely aware of the alarming state within school districts across the nation. In an unsettling turn of events, the FBI under the administration of President Biden has classified some parents as domestic terrorists. Nevertheless, undeterred by these developments, parents remain steadfastly devoted to their children, their love prevailing over the apprehensions instigated by federal authorities.

Perla Hopkins, a prominent figure within the Local Parent and Advocate group, orchestrated a press conference on August 10th, in collaboration with Concerned Parents of Leander ISD. This event serves as a rallying cry, extending an invitation to concerned citizens, parents, educators, and community leaders to unite in solidarity for the betterment of children's education. The press conference can be accessed for viewing.

A discernible trend has emerged within school board gatherings nationwide, showcasing an escalating presence of leftist activists. These individuals have shown up to these meetings, openly confronting and intimidating school board members and parents who are seeking to safeguard their offspring's interests. A particularly vivid instance captured in the video entails a parent targeting a school board member, alongside a few others. As customary, accusations are hurled, alleging right-wing involvement without substantiating evidence.

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The subsequent video, documenting a school board meeting, introduces an individual wearing a shirt with fruit motifs. An examination of the corresponding Twitter thread reveals her overtly aggressive interaction with Will Johnson. In these meetings, vacated seats are opportunistically taken by others, as there is no reservation system in place. Will Johnson seized an available seat, only to be subjected to harassment thereafter. The woman with the fruit-themed attire relinquished her adjacent seat to Will Johnson, subsequently resorting to verbal abuse and an attempted assault. Further details of this exchange are available in the associated Twitter thread.

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