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WaPo columnist changes his mind, calls for Joe Biden to be fully investigated over Hunter's business

By Lindsay KornickFox News

House testimonies have alleged President Biden may have taken part in Hunter Biden's business deals with foreign companies.(Fox News)

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"One could dismiss this as simply another tawdry example of access-peddling. Maybe that’s all it is. But only a complete investigation can ensure that it’s nothing worse," Olsen wrote.

He continued, "Hunter selling access to his father is disreputable but completely legal. Similarly, Joe Biden participating in meetings that his son asked him to attend would constitute questionable judgment but not illegal conduct. The trouble comes if it moved beyond that to a shared business relationship in which the vice president was an active partner."

Recently, the Washington Post has become more critical regarding President Biden and his relation to his son’s business deals. On Aug. 12, the editorial board acknowledged that critics were "justified" to believe that Hunter was given special treatment during his investigation and that Biden’s record is "not spotless."

Unite America First

"Initially appearing reasonable, the deal turned out to include peculiar details suggesting critics might have been justified to suspect that Mr. Biden was being given special treatment," the editorial board wrote.

"Special counsels should not be appointed lightly. They have tended to overspend and overreach. One temptation in the Hunter Biden case might be to investigate the president himself, as many of his critics wish," the board continued. "So far, the record suggests President Biden’s behavior was not spotless — but also not criminal."

Olsen also remarked that "[h]ad Trump and one of his adult children been involved in the same set of facts as the Bidens, the outcry on the left would be deafening."

"We hear a lot these days about the rule of law and the importance of applying it evenhandedly regardless of a person’s political power. That’s correct, of course, which is why Trump’s alleged crimes deserve serious scrutiny even if his indictments are partially motivated by politics. The same logic, though, should apply to Hunter and Joe Biden," Olsen wrote.

He concluded, "Mature democracies do not use trumped-up charges to imprison political opponents. But they do follow and apply the law regardless of political consequences. Only a methodical investigation of the Bidens can conclusively determine which side of that equation their activities fall."

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Earlier this month, political commentator Joe Klein criticized President Biden for having "enabled" his son to take part in several tawdry and potentially illegal behavior.

The Washington Post has recently published skepticism that Biden had no connection to business deals involving his son. (Oliver Contreras/For The Washington Post via Getty Images)

"Joe Biden’s response to his wayward son conveys a softness, a permissiveness that damages his public reputation — and might cost him votes in an election where everything is at stake," Klein wrote for the Washington Post.


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